Eterična (aromatična) ulja sa mirisom hrane


Aroma Oils are perfect for creating calming and stimulating sensory environments. They are a great aid to story telling and are particularly effective when creating personalised scenarios in your M.I.L.E room. Customise your sensory rooms today with our wide range of Aroma Oils


Aromatični početni komplet - Aroma Starter Kit


Kit comes complete with the following eleven oils : Bergamot FCF 10ml, Geranium Egyptian 10ml, Grapefruit 10ml, Ylang Ylang 10ml, Chamomile Roman 5ml, Eucalyptus Globulus 10ml, Rosemary 10ml, Sweet Almond Oil 50ml, Clary Sage, Lavander HA 10ml and Tee Tree 10ml.