LED optička vlakna sa strunjačom

LED Fibre Optic Softie – LED optička vlakna sa strunjačomThe LED Fibre Optic Softie offers a comfortable space to sit and get up-close and personal with its calming fibre optics.

 The Softie is a large bean bag cushion which is used with the Fibre Optic Side glow (select from drop down menu). Create closer interaction with the Fibre Optic by sitting on the Softie. The comfortable Softie is made from soft but durable fabric which can be easily wiped clean and is available in a range of colours.

Tepih od LED optičkih vlakana

LED Fibre Optic Carpet – Tepih od LED optičkih vlakana

This Fibre Optic Carpet uses tiny fibre optic lights* to illuminate the black carpet with galaxy of bright and vibrant colour. This is fantastic in creating a calming sensory experience for the user as you feel completely absorbed yet safe in your surroundings. 

Perfect for any Sensory Room as combined with other Experia products you will find this is a truly immersive experience.