The iRiS+ version is the most up to date Sensory Portare available.
It uses our groundbreaking iRiS+ app, designed to enable the end user to easily control or the multisensory equipment on the unit.

- This unique iRiS+ app opens up a whole new world of interaction, learning and development and is probably the easiest and most advanced control switch on the market.
- It’s extremely powerful, offering seven control switches in one, spanning touch, sound, vibration and movement.
- All the equipment can be controlled via iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch*. 

- Includes:
- 1 x IRiS LED Bubble Tube 
- 1 x IRiS LED Fibre Optic Lightsource
- 1 x Fibre Optic Sideglow - 2m x 100 strands
- 1 x iConvertor
- 1 x Aurora LED Projector
- 1 x Wheel rotator
- 3 x 6” effect wheels
- 1 x Aroma Diffuser
- 1 x Aroma Starter Kit
- 1 x iPod Docking Station
- 3 x Acrylic mirrors 

- Dimensions: 500mm W X 740mm L x 1700mm H. 

* You will need an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to use this product. You will also need to download our free iRiS+ app.


Poreklo EU (United Kingdom). Cena:
- Pokretni senzorni komplet IRiS+ - Sensory Portare - IRiS+: 4700 GBP + PDV (ako se placa) ... Azurirano: 2021-02-13
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Pokretni senzorni komplet IRiS+ - Sensory Portare - IRiS+